Ul. Kanałowa 14, 80-680, Gdańsk-Sobieszewo

A picturesque place situated on the Sobieszewska Island in the Gdansk Bay (12 km from Tricity).

You can get to Gdansk (Sobieszow) taking DK 1 (Lodz, Katowice, Cracow, Wrocław, Poznan), Route 7 (Warszawska route), Route 23 (Szczecinska route).

The direct exit to Sobieszewo is located in Przejazdowo (3 km from Gdansk) on Route 3 (Gdansk-Warsaw). When driving from Warsaw you should turn right at the main roundabout in Przejazdowo to Route 501 in the direction of Sobieszewo (additionally, you will see the information about the ferry crossing).

After about 5 km from Przejazdowo, you will get to the float bridge, where Sobieszewo begins.

To get to our place, you should take the main road in Sobieszewo (Turystyczna street) in the direction of the ferry crossing in Swibno. After 100 m from a distinctive building of REMIZA (FIREHOUSE) on the right just after a slight turn there is 14 Kanalowa street, and that is where the "Apartament u Ani" is.